Professional Services Recruitment Initiative

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The roles in which the company was recruiting for carried strict qualifications, volume was dependent on seasonality, and role-specific messaging was required, which presented significant challenges. In an effort to achieve one of the many KPIs (soliciting quality resumés) required sophisticated attribution modeling inclusive of custom lead quality scoring—by channel.


An robust digital strategy was implemented including advanced media, dynamic creative, and custom analytics. Media tactics were established based on specific channel objectives. Premium Site Direct partnerships were utilized to drive awareness and credibility, while Paid Search, Paid Social, Gmail Sponsored Promotions, and Display Retargeting drove efficient and qualified leads.

Creative testing was key to determining optimal creative campaign effectiveness. A/B creative tests were tailored to different audience segments and across different media platforms to maximize ROI.

We implemented a full-funnel web analytics solution with a custom attribution model and resumé quality scoring algorithm to further optimize media initiatives to the most valuable measurement mechanism. This generated a full funnel, weighted, and calculated view of the customer.


Over 20 Million highly targeted candidates were reached, with a 50% reduction in YoY media. Verified and quality resumés increased by 30% YoY. The Cost per resumé decreased 64%. Platform visits grew by 85%.

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