NYU: Stern

About the Client

The NYU Stern School of Business is recognized as one of the leading business schools in the U.S. To increase the popularity of its Executive and Part-Time MBA programs, NYU turned to Resolute to manage its digital media strategy and execution.


Increase enrollments in Executive & part-time MBA programs


As a data-driven agency, the initial assignment was to work closely with NYU Stern’s technical staff to make sure that the web analytics software (Google Analytics) was providing accurate information. Typical of many large universities, there were many “cooks” in the IT kitchen and getting the various constituent groups to standardize on a common reporting platform was a challenge. Ultimately, Resolute was able to move NYU to Google Tag Manager (GTM), but at the outset of the engagement GTM had not yet been released. As a result, Resolute technical team built a tag management system that allows the marketing team to control the GA page code from a single dashboard.

Measured KPIs for NYU Stern include: Average Age, Cost/Assess, Cost/Info Request, Cost/Lead, Cost/LP Form, Cost/Request, Cost/Submit, Customized Clicks, Form Submit, Info Request, Initial Assessment, Interview Invitations, Preliminary Application Form, Short Course Clicks.


  • Analytics
  • Digital Display
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Retargeting
  • AdWords
  • LinkedIn


Stern’s Global Degree programs (Risk Management, Business Analytics, and Global Finance) attract students from countries around the world. As a result, we designed a media campaign that reached as many as 207 countries and territories.

Display media was placed through the DSPs Netmining, Owner IQ, and RocketFuel. Paid social included LinkedIn. Paid search included AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo. As a result, there was a 300%+ reduction in cost per lead.

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