Google Analytics 4 360 represents a major shift in data analytics for business.

Inaction today means uncollected and permanent loss of data in the future.

The time to migrate to GA4 360 for enterprise analytics is now

It is critical to custom-tailor a website tracking and data management solution today.

Take action on your analytics dataDerive powerful business intelligence and data analyticsEnable multi-platform user data

Migration Process

Implementations typically take 3-4 months and require a top-down approach.

Discovery & Design

Strategy KPI Finalization & Strategic Use Case Roadmap

Tracking Measurement Framework & Solution Design Requirements

Business Intelligence Legacy Data Preservation Planning & Data Pipeline Architecture

4-6 Weeks

Deployment & Delivery

Strategy Integrations, Activations (with Google Marketing Cloud and other systems) & Optimization Roadmap

Tracking Data Onboarding, Tag Rebuilding, Data Layer Customizations, Deployment, QA & Training

Business Intelligence Data Preservation, Utilization of GA4 Models and Performance Dashboards with Historical/Integrated Data

5-8 Weeks

Work with a certified partner

Resolute Digital, part of the Interpublic Group family, holds a distinguished status as an original Google Analytics Reseller Partner and brings award-winning domain expertise in paid media, cross-channel analytics and optimization, SEO and design & development.

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