Meredith Publishing Web Analytics & Data Integrity

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For over a decade Meredith Corporation has entrusted Resolute with the design, development, migration, launch, marketing, and measurement for its—significant—portfolio of properties. An inconsistent view of data, lack of common technical platforms, and a missing standardized approach to SEO all needed addressing in the migration of dozens of properties.

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Through an exhaustive analytics design and enterprise-scale implementation of Google Analytics Premium across Meredith’s entire portfolio of properties, we were able to standardize all of our website tracking, create a single view of the customer, and normalize any and all reporting. We also assessed and implemented consistent technical platforms including both front-end template systems and backend content management systems. Our SEO team performed comprehensive keyword research, competitive analysis, link building strategies, and technical audits to ensure proper indexing. In an effort to improve page performance we implemented Akamai for edge caching and faster delivery of pages.


60 custom dimensions, 48 custom events, and 81 custom channel rules resulting in a full, consistent, view into the customer journey and over $1M cost savings (incumbent: Omniture). 10 out of 10 sites experienced an increase in organic traffic (most significant of which grew by 62%).

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