LIFE Rebirth of an Icon

Life Magazine cover of Marilyn Monroe


In the acquisition of the 86 year old brand, Time’s Life, Meredith Corporation required to be reborn under its own, autonomous, domain. In addition to separation from a URL perspective, intellectual property in the form of 10s of millions of assets and associated technology required decoupling.


Create a powerful, self-contained, web presence for In the process: define strategic goals and paths towards achieving those, design a compelling visual solution and representative interface, and develop front-end and back-end technologies in support of business, marketing, and functional requirements. Establish client’s selected DAM (digital asset manager), classify over 10mm assets, and integrate with a newly established Wordpress CMS (content management system).

Incremental to establishing new technical and design systems, critical attention was applied to ensuring SEO best practices were implemented to enable proper keyword alignment, taxonomy, URL structures, redirect strategies, domain authority and equity preservation, on-page meta optimizations, as well as technical SEO considerations including page performance and structure.

Website screenshot


Launched in February 2020, the on-time, on-budget, complex web design and development project has been hailed by the client, has passed rigorous QA (quality assurance) and acceptance testing, and experienced no data loss or downtime.

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