The cornerstone of effective digital marketing. Realize greater value from organic search through: search behavior analysis, keyword research, technical audits, on and off-page optimization, and external link building strategies.

Research & Analysis

Identify relevant, highly-searched keywords to improve your site (or sites) ranking in search results. Use behavioral analysis to target relevant unbranded keywords, develop additional content, understand competitor strategies, and map user interest and intent. Resolute SEO keyword research can determine keywords or phrases your target audience are using when searching for your products or services, and help you choose the best keywords based on search frequency, and relevance to the content of your web pages.

Technical Audit

Discover performance and mobile optimization opportunities. An SEO technical audit can help you define URL and taxonomy strategies, as well as identify metadata issues. It enables a systematic, data-driven approach to content optimization, including keyword usage, copy length & density and content types, including rich media. You can develop effective off-site linking strategies and tighten your focus on improving organic search position, including ranking in quick search and voice search results.

Content Optimization

Improve the quality, content and structure of your web pages to generate more engagement and higher conversion rates. Our SEO experts optimize content according to current best practices and aligning with the search behavior of your key customers and prospects. Articles, video, audio, and images can be properly optimized for strong ranking signals within search engines. This can drive significant amounts of targeted organic traffic you could otherwise miss. The fact is, useful content continues to be one of the most important elements in organic search performance. Becoming a better source for information and answers can earn a larger chunk of digital real estate.

Link Building Strategies

Develop and maintain link-building strategies using search engine optimization guidelines to build a portfolio of quality links to your website, and update them monthly. It’s an often-overlooked way to increase popularity, authority, and references, and ultimately help site pages rise to the top of results screens.

Reporting & Insights

See what’s working, and generate ideas for what to do next with clear, concise reporting across the search landscape including organic keyword position, organic traffic growth, site performance, and share of voice.

Keep up With Change

Get ahead of competitors by keeping up with new technologies, including voice search, virtual assistants, position 0, and local citations. Through native knowledge and partnerships with Google, Facebook and others, we keep clients at the forefront of the SEO industry, helping them identify meaningful ways to leverage new opportunities and prepare for coming challenges. With the advent of voice-initiated search queries and Google serving as a destination rather than a launching off point, the search landscape has changed—to the advantage of those with a better view.

Client successes

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Amanda St. Clair

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Amanda manages our digital, creative, UX, content, SEO, data/analytics, and technology teams.