Milk Life Content Optimization

Woman holding a glass bottle of milk in a kitchen


MilkLife has kept a pulse on the ever changing trends of how consumers search for information about milk and non-dairy alternative options, as well as health barriers on whether milk is nutritional. The brand has shifted its focus from recipes and breakfast ideas to health benefits and nutritional comparisons.

Popular health publisher websites have historically dominated milk-related search results and Quick Answer appearances due to strong domain authority and thorough articles.


Weber Shandwick performed a deep analysis on keyword search behavior and topics of significant interest in order to recommend creating new articles that fully address user inquiries. Weber ensures that each page is structured optimally for Quick Answer visibility as well as keyword usage in content body and metadata to signal relevance of valuable content to rank in search engines.

Organic traffic performance over the last two years broken out monthly


Weber Shandwick assisted in tapping into new and evolving trends, which resulted in an aggressive upward shift in organic exposure and clicks.

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