Abundant Integration Opportunities With Analytics + Paid Media

Driven by data privacy changes and compounded by the impending deprecation of the 3rd party cookie, fundamental tracking differences between legacy Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will have lasting repercussions on paid media campaigns in search, display, and the broader Google Marketing Platform (GMP).

Applying Data Driven Attribution to Paid Media Journeys

Data Driven Attribution (DDA) allows advertisers to see the full customer cycle within Google Marketing Platform, from first interaction to conversion. It leans on Google’s machine learning by using events and user interactions tracked in GA4 to determine which audiences, keywords, and channels have the greatest impact on marketing performance.

Targeted Exposure

If we know that media exposure in YouTube is likely to drive a stronger probability to conduct a Search and ultimately deeper engagement on site, we can shift budget from an under-performing or under-reporting channel mix.

Powered by GA4, our analysis of DDA empowers marketers to optimize campaign budgets across efforts, capitalize on efficiencies, and focus efforts on new tests to generate more data.

Audience Targeting Techniques

Audience targeting synergies continue to be a great opportunity for GMP full stack integration. GA4’s conversion tracking allows for the full spectrum of valuable user interactions to be recorded and analyzed for marketing optimization, for example:

These segments can be curated at scale (up to 400 audiences) using boolean logic and seamlessly integrated as targetable audiences within Google ad products like Search Ads, YouTube, and DV360. Unfortunately these audiences don’t retroactively populate, so the time to start your audience building is now!

At Resolute we’re experienced in full-stack integration and optimization from analytics to paid properties. Our audience targeting techniques create ample opportunity for customization in messaging and personalization which is known to drive positive engagement and brand association.

Tool Integration to Drive Insight

We’ve talked about automated dashboards helping marketers increase speed-to-insight in previous guides. GA4 is able to provide more data, in a more customizable way, than Universal Analytics—but this data needs more time and consideration to set up in order to glean the insights you need to make decisions.

Executive Summary sample

However, these individual data points may not mean very much on their own. Just like pointillism—the picture comes together as thousands and thousands of points combine to tell a story. Combining these on-site analytics metrics with data extracted from paid media activation points like Search Ads, DV360, and Youtube—via automated dashboard insights and advanced data visualization techniques—allows us to connect these data points and create a story rich with action.

Our integrated team ensures the context behind campaign performance always come through within our visual dashboards and insightful performance analysis. Working with a team who understands the why behind the what is crucial to making progress in marketing performance decisions and driving impact against business objectives.

Ready to navigate this brave new world?

Reach out to us at hello@resolute.com. We’ve got a plan to ensure your success in this cookieless era, leveraging the Google Marketing Platform for a powerful first-party approach.

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