6 Steps to Supercharge Your Owned Strategy

Discover how Resolute Digital can help make your owned channels work for you. Explore key considerations as we approach cookieless advertising.

A Quick Summary

Step 1 Seamlessly Track & Manage Audience Behavior

Holistically track customer engagement across your digital ecosystem with Google Analytics’s cross domain tracking to inventory visitor actions as they navigate your digital properties—ensuring you have a 360° view of their online behavior. But what happens if a visitor decides to switch to their phone or tablet during their session?

Cross device tracking is a key pillar of GA4, ensuring a consistent user profile across devices GA4 identifies users based on their user ID. As a fallback measure, the system will then look for Google Signals, and as a last result, their Device ID.

As a Certified Google Marketing Platform partner, Resolute can help you refine your GA4 implementation to take advantage of the latest innovations and ensure you have full tracking capabilities across your digital properties.

Step 2 Build & Expand on Customer Footprint

In our post-Cookie world, it’s increasingly important to have a single source of truth for your customers. Using the latest MarTech innovations, it’s easier than ever to unify your customer data into a robust digital profile.

This unique digital ‘fingerprint’ of your customers enables you to leverage real-time data to deliver personalized content experiences across your ecosystem, such as incentives, offers, custom creative–the possibilities are endless!

These techniques are more important than ever, as driving traffic to owned properties with data collection is crucial in our brave new world.

Step 3 Now That They’re Here: Bait & Hook To Capture 1PD Data

Getting your customers into your digital ‘front porch’ is only the beginning–because we cannot rely on cookies anymore, capturing their organic first party data is pivotal to your digital marketing success. So, how do you sweeten the deal to pique their interest?

Engage directly with your customers through branded efforts, such as offering value-added content like email newsletters, loyalty programs and rewards, website account creation, sweepstakes and contests etc. The key is ensuring you are delivering real value to maximize your marketing return.

For example, consider the following:

  • Offering a 10% discount for a customer who signs up for your email CRM program with a one-time, uniquely-generated promo code.

  • Incentivizing account creation by focusing on time-savings for future orders, members-only perks for those with accounts, etc.

  • Leveraging ‘flash sales’ at the cart-level, but to claim the deal they must register.

Step 4 Adapt Your 1PD Data Collection for the Cookieless Era

In our new cookieless world, it’s more important than ever to make your data work for you. Regularly update and enrich your CRM with data from customer interactions, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your audience. Utilize signals from your omnichannel tracking strategy to further refine your lead nurturing and segmentation efforts.

Delivering the right message, at the right time, on the right channels.

Step 5 You Have Their Data, Now What?

Incentivizing and capturing customer data should be the beginning of your relationship. Invest in a lead nurturing program to develop lifelong relationships with your prospects. Consider how you can drive meaningful engagement without sacrificing profitability, such as offering expert advice and thought leadership or tips and tricks. Keeping your brand top-of-mind, and building trust and authority with your target audience.

Resolute can help supercharge your existing CRM strategy and devise a realistic nurturing program that is right-sized for your audience and business needs. From editorial calendars, segmentation, and platform management–our CRM solutions will help you deepen your customer relationships.

Step 6 Invest in Identity Solutions & Customer Privacy

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a powerful solution for establishing a unified customer profile and delivering personalized experiences.

A CDP can deliver:

  1. A unified, golden record profile of the customer footprint, stitching together first party data (e.g. previous purchases) with second and third party data (e.g. credit score, purchase intent).

  2. Advanced customer segmentation clusters (with propensity scores).

  3. Real-time, enriched customer profiles accompanied by marketing automation capabilities to bring to life customer-focused and journey-tailored advertising, creative, copy, landing pages, experiences and offers.

  4. A centralized platform for customer data compliance governance.

Resolute can help develop the best solutions for your business needs, ensuring you take full advantage of behavioral data, customer demographics, and transactional information to give you a complex view of your customer.

Ready to navigate this brave new world?

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