Digital Transformation in the Cookieless Era

A Quick Summary

The Business Problem Advertising technology is experiencing disruptive shifts

The realm of advertising technology is undergoing significant upheavals. As we navigate this intricate measurement terrain, it’s paramount to recognize that consumer privacy is currently at the forefront. Furthermore, while brands strive to harness data for enhanced personalization, the challenge intensifies. Consumers are demanding a dual-fold offering: robust privacy and tailored experiences. For marketers, the task is clear - cater to both demands seamlessly.

3rd party cookies are being deprecated across all major browsers

3rd Party Cookies, instrumental in identifying users across varied websites, play a pivotal role in tracing a user’s digital footprint. Distinct from 1st Party Cookies, they aren’t bound to a singular website, enabling a cohesive view of a user’s online activity. This comprehensive insight is invaluable for marketers, facilitating tailored advertising strategies.

Change is on the horizon

In 2024, Chrome, accounting for a substantial 65% of browser usage, will cease support for 3rd party cookies, marking a landmark shift in the industry.

Emerging privacy regulations

New privacy regulations are reshaping the digital playing field. Legislations such as GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and VCPDA require explicit user consent prior to cookie placements. With a growing trend of browsers sidelining cookies, only platforms with a clear nod from users on sharing their 1st party data will retain tracking privileges.

Inaction now could mean the inability to:

  • Gain insights into user behavior across platforms.

  • Achieve a thorough understanding of web user analytics.

  • Store essential data for enriching user experiences.

  • Measure ad ROI and effectiveness.

Key Data Legislation Timeline

  • 2018

    General Data Protection

    Regulation - Applies

  • 2020

    CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act

  • 2023

    CPRA – California Privacy Rights Act

    VCPDA – Virginia Consumer Privacy Data Act

1st party approach

1st party data is collected first-hand by a company. Utilizing 1st party data and zero party data (data intentionally and proactively shared by consumers with the brand), is the key approach for surviving without cookies.

Our Solutions We can partner with you to cross the customer data chasm

Using a first party approach will allow you to form a deeper connection and understanding of your customers, build consumer trust, craft a well-rounded customer profile that prioritizes privacy, and elevate your personalized experience.

For an effective first party approach, a brand must…

  • Be browser agnostic, having ownership of customer data.

  • Revise data collection tactics for enhanced value exchanges.

  • Ensure data accuracy and its integration into all tools, paving the way for customer-centric experiences.

  • Develop a dedicated customer data pipeline.

  • Consensually gather every first-party interaction.

Why choose us? We’re poised for a cookieless future, and we can help you to:

  1. Organize, harmonize, and manage your data identity.

  2. Ensure ease of data unification and accessibility for targeting.

  3. Administer high-scale customer data management, catering to your core business needs with enterprise CDPs.

  4. Implement CDP strategies utilizing the Google Marketing Cloud (as one of the very original Google sales partners with award-winning domain expertise in SEO and design and development, omni-channel media planning and execution, and digital transformations).

Ready to navigate this brave new world?

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