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Perhaps the largest obstacle facing Bard College’s Simon’s Rock marketing executives was to identify and connect with potential students and parents who were previously unaware that an option for early college even existed. The target market for prospective students – high school sophomores bored by the pace of their high educations – were generally unaware that an option for early admission to college was possible.

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As frequently the case with new higher education assignments, Resolute first step was to identify an ROI model that would convince top executives at the college to make investments in digital marketing. To that point, the marketing team had only the most approximate measures for estimating the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, which were confined to direct mail and high school visits.

Resolute’s ROI model included installing event tracking code with Google Analytics that would track every information request and form completion. A model was constructed based on the number of form completions resulting in applications, the percent of applications that resulted in matriculated students, and the average tuition paid per matriculate. As the model was rolled out, an economic value was determined for every website action.

With these known metrics, the marketing team had little difficulty securing support from the chief administrators. Resolute directed the marketing investment in zip code neighborhoods known to have produced new students in the past five years. Resolute also worked with other organizations such as summer camps that attracted gifted and talented students into to place retargeting pixels.


Increase information requests and applications to a residential, early college program

The end result was that Resolute was able to increase the application and inquiry activity by 50+ percent over the baseline period.


  • Analytics
  • Digital Display
  • Programmatic Buying
  • AdWords
  • Facebook


Increased applications and inquiries by 50% over a 2 year period.

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