Joke With The Pope

About the Client

Since 1922, The Pontifical Mission Societies has been the Catholic Church’s official support organization for overseas missions. This wonderful team of change-makers, many of them religious Sisters and priests, offer help to the most vulnerable communities of our world. They provide essential education and health care, social outreach and advocacy, and pastoral service. They also offer spiritual comfort to the suffering and marginalized.

The Pontifical Mission Societies raises awareness and fosters prayer and cooperation in the whole Catholic Church, with 120 offices worldwide, it is the only organisation which supports every one of the 1,069 mission dioceses of the world. Missio exists through the generosity of Catholics and plays a crucial role in combating poverty, disease, injustice and exploitation.


Generate awareness for charitable projects through a viral, video-based, microsite & sweepstakes platform, as well as kick off Pope Francis’ first visit to the US.


Joke With The Pope was a video based sweepstakes campaign that promoted and celebrated the Pope's first visit to the US in order to raise awareness for charitable projects across the world. The concept centered around the well known sense of humor of Pope Francis, therefore they key message of the campaign was to use humor to inspire change. The solution was to build a responsive web platform which allowed users to submit either a text or video joke in honor of their chosen cause. Video jokes were uploaded through a Vimeo integration allowing the processing of all video formats viewable across any device. A YouTube playlist was also integrated to allow featured videos to be updated and pulled in at any time by the video production agency partner.

Users could share the video to Twitter, YouTube or Facebook and vote on their favorite submissions. All content was user generated, and many high profile celebrities and members of the community participated, increasing the viral nature. A joke approval tool was also developed to handle the moderation and approval of jokes to be shown in the video gallery on the site.

The campaign was a highly successful tool in generating thousands of user generated jokes, drawing high profile media attention, and gaining important awareness for lesser known charitable missions across the world.


  • 3,722 jokes submitted
  • 5,858 votes
  • 6,000 peak concurrent users
  • 47 participating countries


  • Strategy
  • Responsive Design and Development
  • Third Party Video Integration
  • Client-Managed Moderation Tool
  • Social Sharing Integration

In the Press

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, CNN, USA Today, CBS, Conan (Talk Show), Mashable, and hundreds of other outlets.

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