An Intranet That Epitomizes Tech Innovation and Practicality

“In order for a company to succeed, all players must understand its goals. Neither long-term nor short-term goals should be confined to upper management meetings.” —Microsoft

This is the foremost value that a well executed corporate intranet can provide to its employees. It allows all team members and departments to share and access internal information and communication, making company goals and activity clear to all members. Fostering awareness and productivity creates opportunity to develop the most important factor of any successful company: growth.

The technical intranet infrastructure has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years, namely in regards to cloud computing and file management. The Verde 360 Intranet takes this one step further, utilizing a highly technical and innovative solution through dynamic data and file management using Google APIs.

Home page with dynamically added statistics, graphs and filter applications

The client, Verde Energy USA, is a fast growing and independent sustainable energy supplier who came to us looking for an automated, secure repository for internal company files, events, communications, and announcements. This is necessary for tracking employee processes, providing employee information, and ensuring corporate messages and reports are highly accessible.

We built this project entirely through Google Drive and Google Sheets APIs, with content predominantly surfaced through a unique Google Drive folder structure, mapping through Google Sheets and file naming conventions. This ensures the database of files and information is completely client-managed and highly secure.

Google Drive, and more specifically, the availability of a local Google Drive app, make the collaboration on files extremely efficient. Multiple users are able to work on a single document at one time, with updates automatically appearing on the intranet.

A central hub for all HR documents, company information & guides, announcements and KPIs

Along with the technology, Resolute designed and implemented a fully custom, responsive interface which presented the content through a smart and contemporary aesthetic. The interface provides organized groupings of files with efficient search, filtering, and sorting selections. This particular function includes division of files by content type, author, office, and department.

Organized collaborative document lists with smart filtering and sort options

Our innovative approach to this development project proved to be an exceptional success for our client, as well as our team here at Resolute Digital.

Alexandra Robinson
Senior Account Executive
Alexandra Robinson
Senior Account Executive

Alexandra joined Resolute in 2013, and is a Senior Account Executive on the design and development team. In her role, Alexandra works closely with both the internal agency and the client to help execute strategic digital solutions.

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