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At Resolute Digital, we have successfully planned, designed, developed, and launched over 60 mobile applications for clients with various custom business, marketing, and technical requirements. We pride ourselves with releasing highly successful mobile applications which have received vast marketplace adoption, garnered praise from our clients, and recognition by the industry.

By applying strategic mobile application planning, designing compelling application user experiences, and sophisticated technical solutions, Resolute is able to bring Client’s vision to market while reducing the amount of friction stemming from constant application updates, negative user feedback driven by bugs or crashes, while developing a mobile framework for future growth.

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Adam Chalemian
Director, Technology

Adam joined Resolute Digital in August 2010 as the Director of Technology. A former US Army Cavalry Officer, Adam enjoys leading, mentoring and teaching the talented team of Resolute developers. Adam graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy and Villanova University with a degree in Cognitive Science.

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