Utilize Sales & Training Tools Straight from Your iPad

For years, Apple has been marketing their iPads as a great vehicle to leisurely read books, watch movies, play games, and even retouch vacation photos. However in the last two years, the iPad has become a sophisticated business tool in corporate sales and marketing. At Resolute Digital, we have seen how iPads make presentations brighter, distribution easier, and customer engagements more valuable. As an added bonus, the iPad is much lighter to transport than loads and loads of marketing collateral, which is often out-of-date by the time of its printing.

The shift towards digital tools has been especially true for healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing. Marketers have been able to leverage a tablet’s technology, display, and presentation quality to bring sales materials to life via interactive multi-media, gestures, and swipes. With the help of mobile experts, pharmaceutical marketers can migrate detail aids, cost analysis models (calculators), resource centers, prescribing information content, and other sales and training tools to the iPad. As a result, marketers have taken leaps and bounds to engage their clientele in more effective, engaging, and both procedurally and technically sound ways.

The Agency’s Role

At Resolute Digital, we have been a proud partner to both Clients and Client Agencies and have helped them integrate into a complicated process with business, marketing, IT, and security requirements. We’ve been able to adopt and evolve to many a Client processes where we’ve been asked to strategically and creatively plan, document, and manage every stage of development and ensure delivery with excellence.

As part of this process, Resolute has been able to successfully dovetail into Agency/Client processes, which have significant challenges, time constraints, and many stakeholders. Our time-tested process—rigorous requirement gathering, detail-oriented creative production, and robust quality assurance—has led to dozens of successful applications in this challenging yet exciting vertical.

Resolute has also been able to serve as technical and usability consultants in the formulation and execution of entire mobile strategies. Having participated in the creation, distribution, and training of Client Account Executives, Resolute has gained valuable insights into best practices in healthcare application development including: User Experience, Navigation, Functionality, Analytics, Animations/Transitions, and native programming vs hybrid programming.

Throughout this experience we have had the opportunity to build custom distribution mechanisms—application platforms with content publishing systems—which take into consideration: User Management, Content Management, Enterprise Distribution, and Marketing Intelligence.

This latest push towards digital is just the tip of the iceberg—we expect much more innovation in this category in the near term.

Brian McNamee
Managing Partner
Brian McNamee
Managing Partner

Brian McNamee is the only creative director in New York who cares about your Google Quality Score. In a career spanning over a decade, Brian has held positions as art director and digital creative lead at some of the world’s most preeminent agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. Prior to founding Resolute Digital, Brian was general manager and creative director of Market Maker Interactive (MMi), a 30-person digital advertising agency.

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