Make Checkout Easier for All Customers on Any Device

Online shopping has officially shifted from desktop to mobile, according to a recent Comscore finding. “55% of all time spent with online retail in June 2013 occurred on a mobile device” while “45% occurred on desktops and laptops. Specifically, smartphones accounted for 44% of retail Internet minutes while tablets accounted for 11%.”

Creating a shopping experience that appeals to mobile users is therefore more important than ever. No, this does not end once the item has been added to the “cart.” Instead, special attention is required for the highly volatile final piece of the user experience workflow – the ominous checkout.

According to research from KISSMetrics, mobile users are the most valuable customer segment because they are much more likely to convert, using the example of someone doing a search for ice cream cones on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

However, as Econsultancy reports, the abandonment rate for smartphone users on ecommerce sites is a high 84%, the most out of any platform.

This is largely in part to the current user landscape for mobile checkout which showcases a wide range of cumbersome, un-intuitive and generally irritating user experiences, with many sites failing to show the user the information they want and need upfront. Not surprisingly this results in the abandonment of a site entirely.

Alternatively, a good UI design utilizes data from your existing platform, identifying specific areas to be improved, and where users may be getting stuck in the conversion funnel. A good UI design understands the goal of the user, the device they’re on and what that means for their state of mind. This considers the

Many unique facets of mobile design, such as touch controls and call or SMS adaptations which should be utilized to enhance the ease of the UX. To put it simply, a mobile workflow needs to be as clean and fast as possible.

The importance of good UI in your mobile e-commerce checkout process is not something to take lightly. It epitomizes how a consumer will think and act when they interact with your retail site, and will increase the likeliness of making a sale.

Resolute Digital’s purpose, and passion, is to analyze, define and refine these avenues for this success. We specialize in creating a distinctive checkout processes that illicits higher ROI for our clients.

Alexandra Robinson
Senior Account Executive
Brian McNamee
Managing Partner

Brian McNamee is the only creative director in New York who cares about your Google Quality Score. In a career spanning over a decade, Brian has held positions as art director and digital creative lead at some of the world’s most preeminent agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. Prior to founding Resolute Digital, Brian was general manager and creative director of Market Maker Interactive (MMi), a 30-person digital advertising agency.

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