LivingSocial Thinks I'm a Woman (And That I Need a Wax)

Managing Partner Brian McNamee uses his real-life experience with email marketing campaigns to impart his thoughts on how today’s technology can better help target the right users at the right time.

I’m surprised that successful, large companies still don’t have more sophisticated tools for targeting offers, content, and overall user experiences to their subscriber base. It’s not hard to imagine that LivingSocial could run a script against their subscribers and realize that 99.9% of people named “Brian” are males and that males – for the most part – don’t purchase bikini waxing deals.

At Resolute, we feel that companies that fail to craft custom experiences based on information easily gleaned through profile data or past site visits are turning away their most valuable customers. Those customers are turning to competitors. There are several ways in which these companies can engage their customers more intelligently online by:

  • Creating User Profiles
  • Building Persona Types
  • Developing Behavior Based User Groups

It seems only logical that there are some essential pivot points in a user’s basic profile information such as sex, age, and geographic location. If those aren’t readily available, there are simple ways to deduce that information through programming scripts, algorithms, and common sense. Leveraging these profile components is the building block of a targeted user experience.

Additionally, it may be safe to say that a person who has purchased three one-hour sessions driving a Lamborghini will be attracted to similar types of high adrenaline activities – and not knitting. This type of content affinity now becomes a part of that person’s profile for future marketing – and adds to their persona or personality type.

To extend this concept one step further: companies may be able to leverage and combine both profile information and persona types to build a model of standard user behaviors using some creative data sourcing, smart algorithms, and expert programmers. Once these standard user behavior groups are established, they can be applied to increase conversions.

By layering these content, ad, and offer models on top of a truly responsive web application (a platform that recognizes devices, sizes, brands, geography as well as screen dimensions), companies will provide a highly contextualized and personalized experience to customers. Companies will achieve strong conversion metrics, grow their customer base, earn continued loyalty and ultimately become marketplace leaders.

Unless I got this all wrong and LivingSocial has data that supports sending a photo of a woman in a bikini to all “Brians” as the email content that gets the most opens, click-throughs, and conversions… Then I take this all back.

Brian McNamee
Managing Partner
Brian McNamee
Managing Partner

Brian McNamee is the only creative director in New York who cares about your Google Quality Score. In a career spanning over a decade, Brian has held positions as art director and digital creative lead at some of the world’s most preeminent agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. Prior to founding Resolute Digital, Brian was general manager and creative director of Market Maker Interactive (MMi), a 30-person digital advertising agency.

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