How a “Share” Can Be Just As Valuable As a “Click”

NYC Social Media Week 2016

If I’m in the market for a new exfoliator, who am I likely to trust? A brand’s ad as I scroll through my Instagram feed? Or a post about that exfoliator from my favorite beauty blogger? I may scroll right past an ad for marinara sauce in my Facebook timeline, but if you make a highly engaging birds eye video cooking a pasta dish with that sauce, nine out of ten times I stop and watch. It’s about marketing in ways that gain consumer trust and are relatable.

The forms of social advertising mentioned above are now subconsciously part of consumers’ decision making processes, and we, as advertisers need to strategically determine how to build brand equity by incorporating content marketing and influencer marketing, two key buzz phrases of the 2016 NYC Social Media Week, into our overall media mix. These two tactics are on the forefront of the strategy shift and are going to be key to advertisers when finding a way to break through the clutter.

Pictured left to right: Shareen Pathak (Brands Editor, Digiday), Nick Yaeger (Managing Director, Politico), Marcus Collins (Senior Vice President, Social Engagement, Donor), and Brian Becker (Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase).

The 2016 Social Media Week conference curates the leading technologies and issues in today’s social landscape, inviting thought leaders and specialists in the field to lead discussion panels surrounding these topics. A mix of C-level executives, agency strategists, and publishers host discussion panels and speak on behalf of their personal experiences, challenges, and successes within a channel that is exponentially growing.

My biggest takeaway from the conference pertained to shifts in the advertising landscape as consumers begin to spend more and more time on these platforms versus other places on the web. Social is shifting into a “pay to play” channel for brands and the traditional digital advertising tactics don’t hold the same effectiveness.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Jason Davis (Chief Executive Officer, Simon Data) and Joshua Neckes (President, Simon Data).

As our clients’ digital partners, we are often looked to for trends and movements in the market. Our goal, first and foremost, is to educate our clients in this shift in the landscape. It is important to understand not only emerging formats, but also about the value they bring. Discussions are now opened up to non-traditional advertising tactics like native advertising and influencers, and how we can incorporate these strategies seamlessly into our marketing mix. At Resolute, we strongly feel this shift is something that is integral to growing a brand in this social digital age, where a “share” can be just as valuable as a “click”. Traditional tactics are faced with the influx of ad-blocking and viewability issues. It will be brands that are willing to step out of the comfort zone and market in these innovative, non-traditional ways, that will truly see success moving forward.

Understanding the social media horizon and how it can be utilized, will be paramount in building brand equity across the digital sphere. Hearing real-life experiences and successes from leaders in the space instills trust and excitement in these up and coming tactics that will most certainly become the new age of marketing in due time. Content is coming.

Mary Rykaczewski
Digital Strategist
Mary Rykaczewski
Digital Strategist

Mary joined the media team at Resolute Digital in 2013 following graduation from Penn State with a dual degree in Advertising and Marketing. Her role has transitioned to incorporate paid social management, as this channel becomes a larger piece of Resolute’s recommended media mix to clients.

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