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Instagram is one of the fastest growing advertising channels in today’s social media space. A uniquely visual platform, Instagram campaigns allow our clients to reach consumers on an additional platform in a new and exciting way.

Executed within the same platform as Facebook, Instagram advertising consists of the same capabilities in terms of targeting, setup, and tracking. At Resolute, we have leveraged our knowledge and best practices we’ve gained from working within this platform to extend our client’s success to Instagram. Not only tracking basic awareness metrics, but all the way through to on-site goals and engagement. Daily reporting on Instagram campaigns have allowed us to monitor performance closely and see how results compare to advertising on other social channels.

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Dan Savage
Managing Partner

Daniel Savage has been an expert in SEM, SEO and digital marketing analytics since they were first introduced to the marketplace. As CEO of Thomas B2B, Dan managed the first pay per click advertising service focused on the B2B market. Today he has a comprehensive knowledge of every search marketing tool and trick on the marketplace, but prefers to develop his own proprietary algorithms, bid management software and custom code.

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