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Facebook advertising is no longer an option, but an integral part of any brands’ online media budget. Directly aligning campaign strategy with client goals and staying on the cusp of the rapidly growing ad platform capabilities, we are able to effectively scale our client’s digital reach by tapping into social media’s largest community.

Similar to the Facebook ad platform itself, we structure campaigns around an objective. Whether it’s e-commerce, brand awareness or engagement, we set up campaigns to optimize towards, and track, specific goals. In daily contact with Facebook representatives, we request and receive access to exclusive betas, allowing our clients to test emerging products that have not yet been fully rolled out to the public. Beyond the basic functions, we’ve been leaders in some of the more advanced features, including but not limited to, conversion tracking, mobile lead forms and CRM targeting.

Daily reports are leveraged to make optimizations and analysis in order to drive better results. Being a full service digital agency means these reports are not only analyzed at the social level, but also digital efforts at large, allowing brands to see their social campaign’s impact in comparison to display and SEM. Results from this perspective allow marketers to be smarter and more educated about their media mix allocations, as well as the true value of Facebook, to a well-rounded digital campaign.

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Dan Savage
Managing Partner

Daniel Savage has been an expert in SEM, SEO and digital marketing analytics since they were first introduced to the marketplace. As CEO of Thomas B2B, Dan managed the first pay per click advertising service focused on the B2B market. Today he has a comprehensive knowledge of every search marketing tool and trick on the marketplace, but prefers to develop his own proprietary algorithms, bid management software and custom code.

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