Digital Advertising—Real-Time Bidding

How to Execute Effective Buys in the Real-Time Bidding Era

In the first stages of a media buy, the number of options available to a media planner can be overwhelming. Should you work with a network? Should you go site-specific? Buy across exchanges using your own demand side platform and 3rd party data? Or act conservatively and stick to your best-known performers?

The asymmetrical relationship between the amount of media inventory that is available and the amount of inventory that is actually purchased is even further complicated by the oversaturation of options. Due to the volume of available impressions for purchase, a planner always risks endless banner bombardment in their campaigns.

That being said, there are very affordable technologies out there that enable smart marketers to squeeze every dollar out of their media buys. When examining potential budget avenues and deflecting a ceaseless stream of hard pitches from sellers, one concept should pervade a planner’s thought process: intelligence.

Not human intelligence or any kind of savvy brought about by working on big-budgeted plans for blue chip brands but rather artificial intelligence. Rather than just paying lip service to buzzwords like ‘big data’, prudent planners need to find the products out there that can get the most value out of each and every impression.

In order to do this, a planner must understand that each impression is different. Once this concept is established, it will be easier to choose a partner who will not only look at all the dimensions available but also be able execute actions accordingly.

There are a small number of companies out there that have set themselves apart by developing proprietary technology that allows them to identify variables and act on trends faster than the rest. For instance, a publisher might be able to associate an ad impression against

content on the page on which it appears, geographic location, time of day, day of week, age, income, etc. The seemingly endless amount of possible dimensions to find that one perfect combination will almost always drive success regardless of how it’s defined.

The key to unlocking that one combination of dimensions is finding the partners who can not only see the data, but can also identify the hidden patterns within them.

Colby Lundberg
Media Director
Colby Lundberg
Media Director

Since 2008, Colby has played a lead role in Resolute’s digital marketing division. In her current role as Media Director she manages key client relationships and primary projects engagements coming up with strategies to meet and exceed their business goals. Colby is certified in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Colby attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with majors in Marketing and International Business.

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