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Greg Wittmann, Resolute’s Director of Search & Analytics shares his perspective on Google’s new push for enhanced campaigns in his first analytics post. Look forward to many more from him on best practices.

The migration to mobile has been a hot topic and key focus at Resolute Digital for a few years now so Google’s newest innovation in Enhanced Campaigns did not come as a surprise to us. Though we commend Google for embracing the mobile movement, its tough for folks like us to see the ‘enhancements’ being made to ad serving and why the migration is mandatory for all advertisers. Google plans to automatically migrate all legacy campaigns on July 22, 2013 so unfortunately, this is one area where we see disruption ahead.

In Google’s blog post on enhanced campaigns, they noted three key improvements:

  1. Powerful marketing tools for a multi-device world
  2. Smarter ads optimized for varying purposes
  3. Advanced reports to measure new conversion types

Essentially, the goal of enhanced campaigns is to provide more targeted ads to searchers and to make it easier for advertisers to take advantage of the various targeting options. There is no doubt that Enhanced Campaigns will make life easier for new advertisers or for businesses running basic campaigns who are looking to make a quick migration to mobile. But…for the advertisers that already have their mobile infrastructure set up, there are some key features that they will be losing and will no longer be able to control. To avoid disruption come July 22nd, we encourage you to ask these key questions when preparing your accounts:

Do you specifically exclude mobile traffic from your account?

In some cases, mobile just isn’t the right fit for a brand or website so advertisers proactively exclude mobile devices from the buy. Come July 22nd, mobile will automatically be added to all campaigns. The work-around here would be to apply a -100% mobile bid modifier so that you can continue to avoid mobile traffic.

Do you have ‘mobile only’ campaigns or manage mobile on the keyword level?

It will no longer be possible to run mobile-only campaigns after July 22nd or manage mobile only keywords at the keyword level. The most granular bid an advertiser can apply to mobile will be at the ad group level. We recommend that you proactively set those bids and not let Google do it on your behalf.

Do you specifically target or exclude tablet traffic?

Tablet traffic will automatically be included as desktop traffic so it will no longer be possible to separate it out. This should be noted in your reports and monitored closely for any adverse effects.

On the other hand, there are a few features that we like about enhanced campaigns. As a general guideline, we recommend analyzing each campaign within your account and determining the appropriate actions needed for a seamless migration and to maximize any true enhancements that may be available to you. We also encourage you to start preparing and testing enhanced campaigns prior to the deadline so you know what to expect and prepare for. As always, feel free to get in touch with us to help guide you through this significant change to Google AdWords.

Greg Wittmann
Director, Search & Analytics
Greg Wittmann
Director, Search & Analytics

Greg Wittmann is the Director of Search at Resolute Digital and brings over seven years of search experience. Greg specializes in search engine marketing for a wide variety of industries including retail, entertainment, higher education, general lead generation and ecommerce. Greg is both Google Analytics and AdWords certified.

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