The Smallest Screen Just Might Be the Most Important

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is marketing that targets users via mobile devices. It leverages mobile devices to communicate and engage with consumers at any point in the customer lifecycle and it drives brand-value and demand for your products or services. The possibilities for marketers have evolved tremendously since mobile debuted on the marketing scene. Today, you can reach your customers on mobile devices through SMS, email, websites, mobile apps, and mobile notifications. Because of the rapid introduction of mobile marketing capabilities, it will continue to evolve, creating even more pathways into a mobile device.

Mobile marketing is the process, science, and art of reaching people via these pathways in order to drive your business forward. Marketers may feel like we’ve come a long way with mobile marketing, but we’re still in the early stages. With mobile continuing to gain momentum, it is more vital than ever before to make mobile an integral part of the marketing mix.

Mobile marketing does not mean just one thing, it offers the ability to communicate and listen to consumers via a mobile device in a variety of ways—you can send SMS/MMS messages to your customers, create mobile-responsive websites and emails, develop apps to engage your customer base, and more.

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Dan Savage
Managing Partner

Daniel Savage has been an expert in SEM, SEO and digital marketing analytics since they were first introduced to the marketplace. As CEO of Thomas B2B, Dan managed the first pay per click advertising service focused on the B2B market. Today he has a comprehensive knowledge of every search marketing tool and trick on the marketplace, but prefers to develop his own proprietary algorithms, bid management software and custom code.

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