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At 20 years old, banner ads have already had a tumultuous history. Once boasting double-digit click-through rates, the state of the banner ad is now at a point where marketers are seriously questioning their efficacy. With the right strategy, though, we’ve found that banner ads can drive strong incremental performance and justify their place on media plans.

From a very broad standpoint, brands tend to use banner ads for two types of objectives; increasing general brand awareness, and driving a direct response action. Understanding the goal of the campaign is the first step in determining how a banner ad is best utilized, and how to evaluate its efficacy.

When utilizing banner ads to generate brand awareness, we’ve found that who is seeing the ad can be just as important as how often they are seeing it. To this end, brands would be wise to consider share-of-voice, above the fold versus below the fold inventory, and creative sequencing. These metrics aren’t unimportant in direct response campaigns, however we’ve found that the time and day an impression is served, the call to action, and the relevance of the creative to the end user can all have a much bigger impact on conversion. Knowing which variables to consider during the planning process and which metrics to use when measuring performance are key steps in maximizing the potential of display media.

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Jarod Caporino
Managing Partner

Jarod Caporino has managed ad sales, strategic planning and media buying for major brands in nearly every industry vertical, including Pfizer, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Major League Baseball and the NEA. He has over 12 years of experience as a sales director at agencies specializing in digital services and search engine marketing and optimization. Jarod frequently speaks at universities and industry panels in the New York area.

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