Resolute Goes West

We are excited to announce the relocation of our NYC office into the bold and iconic Starrett-Lehigh building! Home to many of the world's most recognizable brands, the Starrett-Lehigh building is a pivotal West Chelsea landmark, and a source of enduring creativity, innovation and inspiration.

Our team is looking forward to the inspiration and innovation that the building holds as well as many of the added perks such as:

  • A state of the art fitness center
  • Ample Bike Storage
  • Easy access to fresh air and sunshine
  • Beautiful Sunsets
  • Food Trucks!
  • Awesome neighbors
  • And of course, a pet friendly building

We encourage you to visit us and have a drink on our terrace admiring the beautiful view of Lady Liberty herself!

Angela Conforti
Account Director
Angela Conforti
Account Director

Angela Conforti joined as Resolute’s first full-time employee in June ‘09. Angela oversees the Client Management Team and works closely with both design and development at Resolute in order to create a successful product for Resolute’s clients.

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